Lady Bird

Lady Bird Poster“Lady Bird is a gift. I give it to myself.” So we learn how Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson came by her quirky moniker. She is just an ordinary, idealistic teenager, dreaming of escaping the limits of her hometown Sacramento, California to explore her education in New York. A debut film from the mind of Greta Gerwig, Lady Bird allows us to share in a collective reminiscence of adolescence and the idealism and escapist mind of youth. It’s an outstanding debut and has subsequently been garnering a lot of awards attention, and filled as it is, with some of the best and most interesting young acting talents working currently, it’s perhaps unsurprising. But is it worthy of the hype that it’s built up? Continue reading


Call Me By Your Name 

Call Me By Your Name PosterComing of age stories have the power to transport us back to our own formative years or speak to us at our current stage in life (depending on where we are in our lives). When done well the impact of such stories, is to force a nostalgia, a reminiscence, perhaps even draw a smile or cause us to shed a tear…  or both. Of all the emotive aspects of all of our young lives, the most lasting is arguably our first love, that whirlwind of suddenly being enraptured unto another. It is into that cocktail of passion, excitement, hormones and confusion – set to the serene beauty of North Italian summertime – that we are plunged in Call Me By Your Name, the latest film from Luca Guadagnino – the director of other such sun-kissed dramas as A Bigger Splash (2015). The film has garnered much praise since its release too, fast becoming a critical favourite. Continue reading