The Meg

The Meg Poster“I had an idea for a script once, it’s basically Jaws but when the guys in the boat are going after Jaws, they look around and there’s an even bigger Jaws… I call it Big Jaws”. Peter Griffin pitched that idea in Family Guy and it seems as if someone was listening, only they called it The Meg instead (perhaps a fitting Family Guy reference in itself). The latest Summer blockbuster gives audiences an even bigger threat to fear lurking in the oceans and one colossal reason to never go into the water again.

The monster movie is a popular subgenre to go to for some Summer action and the hypothesis that somewhere in the deepest realms of unexplored ocean, a supersized prehistoric shark could still exist was too tempting a topic not to reel in prospective filmmakers. In the history of the genre, there is no form of pseudo-science or vaguely plausible science fiction that screenwriters haven’t eagerly jumped upon. The Meg is no different in that regard, based on the novel by Steve Alten, the scope of the colossal beast lent itself perfectly to a big screen monster action romp. Continue reading