The Greatest Showman

Greatest Showman Poster

“This is me” That’s the rallying cry and heartfelt message at the core of The Greatest Showman and their big show piece number – an Academy award winning original song. It might be more fitting than it first appears too as The Greatest Showman is a film which has defied the odds and has in the face of a number of initially poor critical reviews, has formed itself a loyal and forceful fanbase which has seen the film surpass its original release to keep itself in cinemas worldwide for sing-a-long showings. This film has proven as defiant as its cast of characters.

Loosely following the story of P.T. Barnum and the creation of the famous circus that bore his name. The Greatest Showman is a musical extravaganza built on the idea of big dreams, and the ones that can come true if you believe hard enough. Rising from nothing to everything based on the strength of his dreams, Jackman’s Barnum is an all singing, all dancing philanthropic capitalist. He assembles a collection of people to whom society has been cruelest, used to being hidden away and feared as freaks, he brings them into the foreground, humanising them in the process. The film revels in telling this story with its brand of infectious schmaltz.

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