Breaking In


Breaking In Poster

You’re on a weekend away with your children, dealing with selling your multi-millionaire father’s luxury mansion after his untimely death, when you are targeted and held hostage by a team of motivated criminals, seeking to rob the property. It might not be a situation we can all find ourselves relating to, but it’s the one that Shaun Russell (Gabrielle Union) finds herself in, in James McTeigue’s latest feature, the rather unoriginal titled thriller, Breaking In.

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” so the saying goes and that counts double if the woman scorned is also a mother. McTeigue decided to present the concept of this fierce mother protecting her cubs by placing it within the confines of a robbery/hostage thriller. In both premise and execution, Breaking In is fairly unremarkable. Following a recognisable structure, it bares a resemblance with any number of fairly generic thrillers, but as I watched it, it began to feel more akin to David Fincher’s Panic Room (1999). However, despite being comparable in its premise to that film, it just couldn’t capture the same tension and energy. The concept of Breaking In is a decent enough one, but it is never really able to build upon its conceptual ideas. Continue reading