Lady Bird

Lady Bird Poster“Lady Bird is a gift. I give it to myself.” So we learn how Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson came by her quirky moniker. She is just an ordinary, idealistic teenager, dreaming of escaping the limits of her hometown Sacramento, California to explore her education in New York. A debut film from the mind of Greta Gerwig, Lady Bird allows us to share in a collective reminiscence of adolescence and the idealism and escapist mind of youth. It’s an outstanding debut and has subsequently been garnering a lot of awards attention, and filled as it is, with some of the best and most interesting young acting talents working currently, it’s perhaps unsurprising. But is it worthy of the hype that it’s built up? Continue reading




‘Jackie’ Poster

November 22nd 1963. A date stamped on the memories of those around the world alive to remember it, and in the minds of generations of us who have studied it since. The assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The story of the events of that day, and the numerous conspiracy theories that have accompanied have been discussed endlessly since. From films like Oliver Stone’s 1991 investigative feature, J.F.K. to fictional writing such as Stephen King’s alternative history novel, 11.22.63, the subject of his death and the drama that surrounded it has consistently proven to be a fascinating one for writers, filmmakers and documentarians alike. However, little has ever been presented, on the big screen at least, about the impact on his wife, Jackie Kennedy, until the release of this latest feature, Jackie, starring Natalie Portman in the role of the heartbroken first lady, wife and mother in the immediate aftermath of her devastating personal tragedy.

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